1. Meerkat, by Zoe Sadokierski

  2. Sheep encounter, by Steven Chou

    (Sheep, China)

    "Steven Chou was on his way back to Lhasa from Kashgar in remote western China—"a long, tough way"—when he encountered "a big gold-pit truck preparing to go back to Lhasa too." Chou, a member of National Geographic’s Your Shot photo community, got a lift from the truck’s Tibetan driver. He describes this shot as one glimpse from his seven-day journey on board.

    "I could feel the earth shaking" as the sheep ran, he says. "At that moment I was completely shocked … They just ran across our [path] without any fear, and at that time my mind was empty but for the word ‘free." "

  3. Grumpy in the snow!, by bigcatphotos

    "This is a male snow leopard having fun in the snow."

  4. The Octopus, by Sophie Carr

    "This is a one-second exposure of the trails left by a crashing wave over small icebergs on Jökulsárlón beach; I think it looks a bit like an octopus."

    (Jökulsárlón, South-East Iceland)

  5. Get away!, by Jayesh Mehta

    "A group of 12-14 hyenas were chasing a herd of 7-8 elephants. The elephant herd included 2 adult females, a few teenagers, and a baby that was a few days old (belonging to one of the adult females). The hyenas were trying to get at the baby. In this picture, the mother is kicking at the hyenas."

    (Location: Savuti Concession, Chobe National Park, Botswana)

  6. Icy Auroras, by Ionnais Ksanthakis

    "In a picture taken February 14, northern lights appear to touch down between two Scandinavian mountain peaks."

  7. Night leopard, by guide Brendon Cremer.

    “A young male leopard looks up at his kill to make sure that it is safe from the prowling hyenas below.” Photographed in the Timbavati Game reserve, South Africa

  8. “When Push Comes to Shove”, by Paul Nicklen

  9. Landmannalaugar, by Orsolya and Erlend Haarberg


  10. Kangaroos, by Gordon Fellows

    (Australian Kangaroos)

  11. Purple Hare, by Servee Wijsen

    (European Hare)

  12. Fight, by Luca Montipò

    (Red Deer)

  13. Goby Fish, by David Doubilet

    (Goby Fish)

  14. Pheasant, by Michel Giaccaglia


  15. Scarlet-backed Trogon, by Andrea Gabriel